Project Development

Technical & Financial Feasibility

Feasibility studies are a key element to assess project viability and successful implementation from concept to contracting and commissioning.

Development & Construction

Realizing site selection, resource analysis, permitting, and interconnection are all services we offer during the pre construction phase, including effective subcontracting, EPC negotiation, and maximizing fiscal incentives.


Our focus as a business is to increase the adoption of new energy technologies in emerging markets. With access to our private Clean Energy Investment Fund, we have simplified the decision making process.

Impact Projects

Change the future's potential

Leave legacies.

Empower communities.

Inspire the future, one individual at a time.

Our Vision

“We believe in a Future that is smart, healthy, and blue.  Clean skies and vibrant oceans, healthy humans, and the preservation of our blue world.  We choose clean energy as our focus as there we can make the greatest impact. Our accessible clean energy fund is designed to alleviate economic barriers and accelerate implementation of clean energy in Latin America where diesel is used to generate energy, subsequently degrading air quality, and severely impacting the health of local communities.”

Our vision is to accelerate adoption of clean energy technology in Latin America, shifting paradigms and leading the path toward a stronger world, one community at a time.

Our mission is to make the change simple. Creating an immediate economic benefit for our clients with financial tools that break down economic barriers to upfront costs and explode implementation rates of new clean energy technology.


Latin America Consulting

General Information, Billing, Technical Assistance.


Financial Enquiry & Projects.

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