The Movement

How to become a professional speaker during a global lockdown.

(This a multi-part blog, I will be updating as time permits.)

Part 1.

Its not that it is as good a time as any to start a blog. It’s not that I am bored at shit and there is nothing else to do. It’s not that I am burnout on the independent media on youtube, have looked to bitchute, and find streaming too slow on lbry, and though I am grateful for the abundance of content from my new outspoken amigos like Dollar Vigilante, Max Igan, Corbett, and even Brian Rose as offspun as he’s gone since the Icke interview.

It’s not that my day job, a clean energy investment fund manager, does not provide the requisite workload to fill my day.

It’s not that I even need the money, although banking freshly acquired tangible capital assets is at the forefront of my newfound agenda. House cleaning doesn’t count as I stopped pretending to be busy with so many menial household tasks in the first week one of the lockdown. I actually don’t think the epidermis of palmar / dorsal can withstand much more dishwashing on top of being barraged by alcohol swabs and antibac gel.

It’s just that I am making a choice. A choice to be active, rather than passive. Motivated, rather than lazy,

And just staying disciplined is a recurring test narrowly passed each hour. Yet an influx of self-imposed personal challenges is a good place to conjure up those daily doses of welcomes discipline. So here I go adding one more self-imposed objective to the triskelion system. (see below) 

I am an all or nothing kind of guy (though I find there is nothing unique about that in the male species). The only distinguishing factor (because of course I am different) is that I am going all in on the motivated-disclined-investgative-resistance-anarchcapital-conspiracy-excerise-liberty searching end of the “all” end of the spectrum, which inherently means renouncing the – Netflix-google-Instagram-blah blah “nothing” or “other end of the spectrum”.

Irrefutably, it is no novel concept that is the most unique event most, or dare I surmise to say every, human on this planet have ever experienced in our collective lifetime.